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Sounds of Gore – Vol. 13 Zombie Attack

One 60 minute track of Zombies attacking. If you were to run, they would catch you. Relentless and terrifying… Is there anything you can do to stop them? Is this your fate? The victim of a fearsome Zombie Attack?

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We have everything from Gore Galore's exclusive Sounds Of Gore library, Midnight Syndicate, Virgil, Hedstorm Productions, haunt rocker Jerry Vayne, Mark Harvey's Pumpkinland series, Rustyknife, Audio Zombie, Something Wicked Productions, Grave Gear Studios, Eban Schletter, Night Sound Records, and more will be added as they become available.

We specialize in haunted house, haunted attraction sound effects, soundscapes, scary sound effects, halloween audio, Halloween Party Music, spooky audio, and haunt audio.

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Sounds of Gore Library

17 ¬†60 minute tracks of our SOUNDS OF GORE scene specific soundscapes. What every haunter needs. You are saving $14 by purchasing the complete collection SOG Vol 1 Meat Locker SOG Vol 2 Industrial Nightmare SOG Vol 3 Spectral Nightmare SOG Vol 4 The Cave SOG Vol 5 Cemetary of Unrest SOG Vol 6 Sanitarium…

Sounds of Gore – Vol. 16 Dark Apocalypse

One 60 minute track of a dark Post Apocalyptic world filled with dread and haunted by ponderous giants who consume the souls of all those they encounter. Listen for the heart piercing sirens for they warn of the danger of the approaching doom. This is based on a new CD concept. It can be used to set up a scene with the actor playing to the musical score. the CD is setup like a storyboard. The actor just has to play out the storyline.

Sounds of Gore – Vol. 15 Circus of Freaks

One 60 minute track of a Freaky Circus Carnevil. We have been working on this one a while. You won’t be disappointed.

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